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Content Marketing Lessons Learned

Content marketing is evolving and content marketers are still learning how to create content that meets business goals. Nearly half or 49 percent of marketers said they’re learning how to bring content in line with a buyer’s journey, according to data from Eloqua’s Modern Marketing survey. Some a-ha moments include: back your story with visuals and facts rather than simply telling your story; have measurements in place to gauge the impact of the content and have an engagement plan to reach your targeted audience. So how are they narrowing that learning curve? ScribbleLive will host a chat with Josh Machiz, Director of Integrated Marketing at NASDAQ; Shelly Bowen, Principal Content Strategist at Pybop LLC; and Amanda Clark, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Grammar Chic Inc.; Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing Inc.; and Marie Alonso, Content Branding and Social Media Strategist at Miles Technologies. They will share what they know now about content marketing that they wished they had known earlier. Get insights from thought leaders who will discuss learning experiences around content marketing at 11 AM EDT on Aug. 20.

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